Need to Hire a "Badass" Cyber Security Expert?

Is the Vulnerability of Your Organization's Data and Architecture Keeping you Up At Night?

Need to Hire Someone Who Can Make and Keep Your Data and Architecture Bulletproof?

How Safe is Your Data?

In the past, a bad guy would go into the bank and slip a note to the nice person behind  the counter, asking for all the money. Today, the bad guys do not have to be present to get the loot. They can be in another country, state or even down the block.

No matter how big or small your organization, if you have sensitive data, you are vulnerable to intrusion. You have a choice. You can wait for the breach to happen or you can hire someone who will prevent disasters from happening, maintain the integrity of your data and architecture and respond quickly in the case of a breach.

Unlocked Potential specializes in providing permanent placement cyber security solutions to companies looking to hire "Badass" cyber security experts to keep their data and architecture secure from threats.

Cyber security experts who are up on the latest tools and threats, are hard to find and in high demand. We will search, contact and bring you only the best in the cybersecurity business. 

Our clients are companies who handle financial and healthcare records. We work with startup companies to large public corporations.

Unlocked Potential combines over 25 years of recruiting experience with the latest candidate screening methods to provide candidates that will keep your organization's IT resources safe.

With our office located near Reseach Triangle Park, North Carolina, we are able to leverage an extensive network that allows us to fill your key position with people 
who will drive your organization to new heights of performance. 

Our Guarantee

We guarantee all placements for 3 Months from start date. If the candidate leaves for any reason, or is discharged during this time frame, Unlocked Potential will replace the employee at no charge!

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