Need to Hire a "Badass" Cyber Security Expert?

Is the Vulnerability of Your Organization's Data and Architecture Keeping you Up At Night?

How Safe is Your Data?

No matter how big or small your organization, if you have sensitive data, you are vulnerable to intrusion. You have a choice. You can wait for the breach to happen or you can hire someone who will prevent disasters from happening, maintain the integrity of your data and respond quickly in the case of a breach.

Unlocked Potential specializes in providing permanent placement cyber security solutions to companies looking to hire "Badass" cyber security experts to keep their data and infrastructure secure from threats.

You might be wondering why not an expansive website with jobs posted. We are the best kept secret in the staffing business.

Our business is mostly word of mouth with clients being kept confidential since they don't want lurking eyes to know they are hiring cyber security staff. Openings mean vulnerabilities.

How We Will Help You and Your Organization?

What sets us apart is not only our database of "Badass" cyber security professionals but how your search is conducted.

Your search will be conducted in a confidential and courteous manner. Unlike other staffing firms, Unlocked Potential will not post your positions on social media and public job boards, for lurking eyes to see.

We will personally identify, contact and screen only the best candidates for your open positions.

We treat our candidates in the same courteous and secure manner, so you get hires who are excited about working for your company.

Our clients are companies who handle and store sensitive data. We work with startup companies to large public corporations.

What Does This Mean To You?

You will get the best cyber security talent while not disclosing your requirements to lurking eyes on social media and public job boards.

We do not operate on quantity but on quality. Quality candidates, confidential searches and secure communications.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee all placements for 3 Months from start date. If the candidate leaves for any reason, or is discharged during this time frame, Unlocked Potential will replace the employee at no charge!

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