Need to Hire a "Badass" Cybersecurity Expert?

Is the Vulnerability of Your Organization's Data and Architecture Keeping You Up At Night?

Need to Hire Someone Who Can Make and Keep Your Data and Architecture Bulletproof?

How Safe is Your Data?

Technology has changed the way you work, live and play!

It allows you to connect with people around the world and to work from your home or wherever else you want to be.

Cloud technology allows you to run your business anywhere in the world from a hotel room in Europe, a Starbucks in Seattle or your home office in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. 

All you need is your laptop and a data connection.Your smartphone allows you to manage your life from the clip on your belt.

Now let's look at the flip side of the coin.

You are the head of an organization that keeps all of that sensitive data or your position makes you responsible for that data.

There are bad guys out there who would have been bank robbers in years gone by but are now robbing information while they sit in China, Russia, Europe or the house next door.

Instead of cracking the combination on a safe, the cyber bad guys are cracking the defenses of your computer system.

What makes it worse is that the bad guy's purpose in life is to find a way to get to your organization's data or make it impossible for you and/or your customers to access the data.

There are about currently 1 million cybersecurity positions open worldwide with a small number of "Badass" cybercecurity experts available at any one time.

By the time you reach the expert (if you can) to tell them about your open cybersecurity position, that person has already been contacted by your competitor. 

The cybersecurity market will only get tighter as time goes on!

Why do you need me to find your next "Badass" cybersecurity expert? That is all I do!

Do you have the time and the contacts to find the best available?

I have over 25 years of recruiting experience and connections to the best in the cybersecurity business.

Combine this with Behavioral Interviewing techniques and you get the cybersecurity expert who will be able to stop the bad guys from compromising your sensitive data and architecture.

Result? You will be able to sleep at night!

Contact me to find out how we can work together to find the perfect "Badass"!

Have a Great Day, Live the Good Life, God Bless and Make Something Happen,

Mark "Dog" Parbus

The Unlocked Potential Guarantee

I guarantee all placements for 3 Months from start date. If the candidate leaves for any reason, or is discharged during this time frame, Unlocked Potential will replace the employee at no charge!

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