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The Secret To Hiring A Star Executive
White paper that uncovers the competencies of top performing CEOs and the hiring process that will get them leading your company to success!

Hi-Performance Newsletter Archive
An archive of Unlocked Potential's Hi-Performance Newsletters!

Employee Turnover and Lack of Organizational Focus Cost Calculator
Find out how much employee turnover and lack of focus is costing your organization! Put the salary of the position in the appropriate field and the calculator will figure out the individual cost. Multiply by the number of positions affected and you will have an the total cost to your organization.

The Performance Partnership Coaching Program
Slideshow showing how to create a performance culture in your organization!

Executing In A Performance Based Culture
Slideshow showing the roadmap To Sustained Organizational Growth!

Accelerated Leadership Assimilation
Slideshow showing the process that will accelerate the time to transition a new manager from 3-4 months down to 1 day!

Why Performance Management?
Defining and Discussing the Importance of Performance Management in an Organization

Performance Analysis Process
A question based process for help in analyzing performance discrepancies of subordinates and people whose performance you are responsible.

Performance Enhancing Self Reflection-For Managers
A question based process for managers to self reflect on the skill sets needed for their position and the level of their competency with those skill sets. Solutions that grow the necessary skills are the outcome of this reflection process.

Performance Enhancing Self Reflection-Personal and Professional Goals
The same question based process as above but to be used for self derived personal and professional goals

Analyzing Performance Issues
A slideshow showing how to identify performance discrepancies and the most effective way of handling them

Competencies - The Key to Hiring Rock Stars
Learn how identifying what made someone an outstanding performer in the past can help you hire more rock stars for your organization

Unlocked Potential "Badass" Recruiting Guarantee:

We guarantee all placements for 3 Months from start date. If the candidate leaves for any reason, or is discharged during this time frame, Unlocked Potential will replace the employee at no charge!

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